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We strive to be Ellensburg's go-to source for quality service

and outdoor recreational goods, to keep lives active and adventurous.

When I was young, I loved everything about the outdoors.  My family would visit our local ski shop and I would sort through the racks, creating my holiday wish lists.  When I was old enough to work, all of my jobs were in the outdoors- from summers lifeguarding and teaching swimming, to winters ski instructing and patrolling.  During college, I started teaching a hiking course and working at outdoor stores. By the time I had graduated, I was able to work in three different ski shops in Ellensburg and Wenatchee learning something unique from each of these experiences, but also learning that this was my passion.

After graduating from Central Washington University, Ellensburg had become home and I knew I wanted to stay, but jobs in my academic specialty were sparse. As fate would have it, the ski shop I worked for was closing.  With a great deal of help from my family and friends, I decided to take a leap and open my own outdoor specialty store in the same spot.  Mountain High Sports opened it's doors in September of 1989.

Mountain High has experienced many chapters the last few decades- expanding its space and adjusting the inventory carried as the needs of the customers changed.  One thing that hasn't changed is the gratitude that myself and my staff have.  We are located in a beautiful downtown where we are surrounded by incredible businesses and we get to meet people on a daily basis who love the same things we do; we get to hear their stories and help them gear up with the right equipment for their next adventure. To help others enjoy the great outdoors truly makes owning Mountain High the best job in the world. 


Thank you for choosing Mountain High Sports!

- Tami, Owner and Founder


Historic Downtown

Mountain high sits in Ellensburg's beautiful historic district and resides in the Elmira block- an extension of the iconic Davidson Building, completed in January 1890, located at corner of Fourth and Pearl, became an Ellensburg landmark with its recognizable tower and has been ever since. A Local attorney, John B. Davidson built this well-known structure and invested in the construction work of this entire block. After the famous Ellensburg fire in 1889, Elmira Block was the first brick building to be built. Just around the corner, you can find the famous phoenix mural which symbolizes Ellensburg's rise from that terrible fire. The Davidson Building and Elmira block and has housed dozens of various businesses over the years, from pubs to insurance to outdoor recreational goods!.

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Thanks for choosing Mountain High Sports!

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